StoreSmart has been established by Capetonians for Capetonians with our first branch opening in December 2012.

Our mission has been to provide safe, secure and easily accessible Self Storage space in prime locations.


Our Team Behind The Scenes


Pierre Steenkamp

Managing Director

Pierre is known for a lot of things, particularly for the consumption of 6+ flat whites from Bootlegger each day. He loves his mountain bike and rides Table Mountain when the weather permits. With a M. Com (HR) in hand he started out his career in England before returning to the mother city in 2008. He has a love for Cricket and will not miss a game when the South African team is playing, even if he has to simultaneously drive the car, attend meetings or speak on the phone. The live streaming will be somewhere close by. Pierre established StoreSmart in 2012.

e. pierre@storesmart.co.za


Mike Sweidan

Financial Director

Mike is a born and bred Capetonian. If he could choose, he would spend 7 days a week on a golf course. The day would be rounded off with a mouth-watering meal created on his braai. Sensing that he would not be the next Tiger Woods, he opted for another career path, balancing numbers, and became a Chartered Accountant. The craziest thing he has ever done was drinking 6 cups of coffees in one day. Back then, he did not know that it is something Pierre does every day. Mike joined the amazing StoreSmart team in 2016.

e. mike@storesmart.co.za


Katja Steenkamp

Head: Marketing and Insights

Originally from the baroque town Dresden, in the eastern part of Germany, it’s no secret that Katja loves spending time on her mountain bike. She recently cycled from Cairo to Cape Town over 4 months, to get to better know the continent she now calls home. Her qualifications in Property and Marketing, in addition to her wealth of experience as a research manager, make Katja a valuable addition to the StoreSmart team. She joined in 2016.

e. katja@storesmart.co.za


Ayesha Fortune

Operations Manager
Sable Square, Century City

Ayesha was a spy in her previous life and loves watching the StoreSmart surveillance footage. She enjoys a good chat and appreciates the freshly brewed teas served each day by Augustine. Her dream is to become the CEO of StoreSmart. She admits that the ‘Adams Family’ resembles her own. She has a love for pets and spends lots of time with her cat Bruno and whiskers, her dog. This gem has been with StoreSmart since 2012.

e. ayesha@storesmart.co.za


Augustine Eboma

Customer Services Operator
Sable Square, Century City

Augustine comes from a large family which is probably the reason he is so good with carrying and helping people. He always has a smile on his face and is known for his efficient packing skills. Augustine stays fit by commuting each day with his bicycle and uses Woodstock Cycleworks as his favourite local bike shop. He does like to treat Ayesha with freshly brewed tea each morning. It does occur on the odd occasion that Ayesha drives him up the wall. He then retreats to Leon Schuster for a good laugh. Augustine joined the StoreSmart family in 2012.