It’s that time of year when we start to pack away our summer sports gear and begin pulling out the winter essentials.

Why clutter your home with equipment that you are not using when there is a simple and effective solution – self storage.

Security is a core focus: Our units are monitored by CCTV cameras 24/7

Convenient access: You can access your self storage unit whenever it is convenient for you

Flexible leases: Perhaps you are more of a summer sports enthusiast than a winter one. With us you can rent a self storage unit for as little as a month and you can decrease or increase your space as needed.

Here are some handy tips to make sure your equipment stays in good condition.

Do the necessary repairs on any damaged equipment before storing. You don’t want to rush to fetch something and later find out it can’t be used
Clean your gear properly before placing it in self storage. Get rid of any stains, remove all dirt.
 It is very important to make sure your gear is completely dry before packing it away.
For the more fragile items, ensure that they are wrapped and protected in bubble wrap. We sell a variety of self storage packaging materials in our stores !
Keep your storage unit organised so it will be easy to find your items when you need them. It is a good idea to try to place the items back in the same place each time.
Store the current season’s equipment at the front of the unit so these items can be easily accessed and then rotate the gear around as the season changes.

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